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Amuletum Invest AB is an investment company that develops unique investment strategies based on state-of-the-art quantitative models and analyses of business fundamentals and applies them to investment portfolios that are made available to investors. It also conducts economic and financial analyses to support its clients' investment decisions.

Our services include: (i) analyses (research-based reports) on topical themes in economics, finance, and investments; (ii) stock picks with alerts/notifications about selected companies; (iii) two investment portfolios to be followed by investors on a daily basis, namely "Amuletum Global Equities" and "Amuletum Global Equities Sustainability"; (iv) investor support with talks/chats about topical themes in economics, finance, and investments. We also provide investment management services to institutional clients such as portfolio management.

We count with a team of financial economists with a large experience from the industry, government sector and academia. We help you to achieve your financial goals with responsibility.  ​


Our Team

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Rafael B. De Rezende
Founder, Chairman, CEO,
Investment manager

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Lisa Alexandersson
Vice-CEO, Senior investment analyst

Rafael B. De Rezende is the founder, chairman, CEO and Investment Manager of Amuletum Invest AB. He also holds a position as Assist. Professor of Economics and Finance at Jönköping International Business School in Sweden. Prior to that he has held positions as Ph.D. Research Economist at the Bank of England in London (Monetary and Financial Conditions at Monetary Analysis Department) and at Sveriges Riksbank in Stockholm (Macro-Financial Analysis at Monetary Policy Department). Rafael holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics, and his research has focused in the fields of Macro-Finance, Empirical Asset Pricing, Investment Strategies, Monetary Economics and International Finance. He has published articles in industry/policy/academic related journals such as Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Forecasting, Brazilian Review of Finance, and has taught several courses related to investments, finance and macroeconomics including Advanced Finance, International Portfolio Management and Investment Analysis, Advanced Macroeconomics, International Macroeconomics and Finance, Financial Stability and Regulation, and Banking and Financial Intermediation. More recently, Rafael has also been in charge of introducing a series of sustainable strategies within Amuletum Invest AB, including its investment portfolio "Amuletum Global Equities Sustainability".


You can find Rafael's personal webpage in the link below: 

Lisa Alexandersson is Vice-CEO and Senior Investment Analyst of Amuletum Invest AB. Prior to that she held positions in financial institutions such as Senior Economist – Vice-President at J.P. Morgan Chase in London (Global Macro Research), Macro-financial Economist at Sveriges Riksbank in Stockholm (Macro-Financial Analysis at Monetary Policy Department), and Economist at Nordea Bank in Copenhagen (Emerging-market economies). Lisa holds a Master’s in Business and Economics from Linköping University in Sweden, and her research has focused in the fields of Macro-Finance, Emerging  and Scandinavian economies, and sustainable finance. She has published extensively in investment banks' research series and market newsletters. 

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